Online & On-Farm Homesteading Workshops

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    In 2023, after several years of farming and evolving in homesteading and self-sufficiency, I began teaching on-farm workshops. The most popular being one titled "Raising Backyard Pigs". It is so jam packed with information, a lengthy Q&A, and visuals that dozens of homesteaders got the confidence they needed to start raising their own pork!

    In January of 2024, we made a big move from Maryland to Virginia. We'll resume on-farm workshops later this year, but in the meantime, we've been asked (many times over) to make our on-farm workshops available online. With a background in marketing and specialized training in creating online courses, this was an easy YES! I AM SO EXCITED to make this a reality in early spring of this year.

    Drafting and filming is underway so please drop your info here and I'll be sure to let you know when this class and others are ready!

    In "Raising Backyard Pigs", you'll learn about:

    🐽 Why we chose the Idaho Pasture Pig for our homestead

    🐽 How to select the perfect pigs for you

    🐽 Feeding & watering

    🐽 Fermenting feed

    🐽 Shelter options

    🐽 Fencing options

    🐽 Rotational grazing

    🐽 Breeding, farrowing, & caring for litters

    🐽 Weaning & castrating

    🐽 Evaluating piglets

    🐽 Healthcare (Holistic)

    🐽 & More!

    Future on-farm & online workshops will include:

    🧈 Bread, Butter, & Cheese

    🫧 Tallow & Lard Soap Making

    👩🏻‍🍳 Rendering Tallow & Lard

    🐽 Raising Backyard Pigs

    🐄 Maybe... a Dairy class... milking/processing milk/etc...

    💡 More ideas coming!